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Online player vs player is here! Explode your frenemies in short strategic showdowns in this ever-evolving real-time tactical battle game.
Flooded Earth, 2732: The world is run by robots since the meat-people selfishly decided to stop moving and biodegrade following 'The Event'. Robots were built to build stuff, keep society going and to wage war—so that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Everything you build on your Battlecruiser operates autonomously: from Turrets, Frigates and Gunships to Artillery, Nuke Launchers and game-ending Ultraweapons. The more DroneStations you create, the faster you build. It’s that simple.

The award-winning single-player story will unlock your full arsenal over 40 levels. Play as Charlie, a grade-C utility bot who borrows a 2-kilometer-long floating superweapon for a joyride around the harbor. The stolen Battlecruiser happens to belong to the UAC Presidentron who doesn’t take public embarrassment well. Amusingly, this sparks an infinite spiral of destruction, as you face an increasingly cunning and better-armed series of enemy Battlecruisers.

In the infinite end-game, satisfy your pyromania in the multiplayer battle arenas with unique perks, rewards and conditions. Join the endless arms race as more and more weapons are discoverable every year.

Use the spoils of battle to buy robot exoskeleta, new destructive weapons, and most importantly, heckles. All grade-C robots and above know that mockery-banter is the highest form of combat.

Battlecruisers has won multiple game design awards, scores >90% positive ratings, and is considered “prutty good” by your typical Kiwi.

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Developer: Mecha Weka
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  • Last Update: May 31, 2024